Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Railroad Music : The Thread In The Quilt That Is Americana! 

There are several ways you can support my music and writing. One would be to give me a tip. The link is above.. Below.... I will list all the other ways you can support my music and writing. The mission statement of Railroad Music is pretty much founded on this quote from the great Paul Robeson. (click the quote to learn about a great American!)

It is from that quote that I hope to continue to produce and to create. A truly "Publicly Owned" Utility known as a Folk/Labor Musician Writer.. So.. please support me... what I do is inspired by us.. the people. the Folks... and yes.. I have a bunch of ways that you can access the stuff free.. all I ask is for you to Share it... Tell another folk about me... listen Folks.. this is how it works. This is how it's done... a public utility needs help from the public now and then! Below is the stuff!!! now go and get it!! and Thanks... Thanks... Thanks.. Solidarity! 

And if that ain't enough...

Railroad Music
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